Land of Giants by Choi + Shine Architects

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Doublefaced No. 30

Sebastian Bieniek

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Métamorphose, photographs by Frederic Fontenoy

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This is art

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"I’m just gonna bash your brains in."

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Just another stage… pageant the pain away…

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The fans’ reactions in the video are genuine.

As Bey basically got out of a car on St. Marks in New York and the crew started rolling and filming passersby. “We really shot it — some people in the video did not know we were filming, I think the real idea of the video is in a moment like that — in a private moment like that, she can never be by herself. This song is not about someone who feels those emotions, it’s about Beyoncé feeling those emotions. It’s personal to her. It’s her that cannot be by herself no matter where she goes or what she does, because she’s who she is.” - Francesco Carrozzini (who directed the Jealous video) [x]

*FUN FACT: The guy that bumped into Bey was told to bump into the next person that comes round the corner.. and it just happened to be Bey.

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